About Consignment King

Consignment King is the premier and leading provider of fundraising consignment events.

Consignment King originally started as a different business concept under a different name which focused on "pop-up" consignment events that were centered around sporting goods and outdoor gear. When the company was acquired, the new owners participated in some sporting goods consignment events which also sold items to raise funds for local charities. It was at this moment the seed for the Consignment King concept was planted.

Expanding the base of items sold beyond sporting goods opened and addressed the needs of most everyone. Combining the excitement of consignment with fundraising for worthy causes, the socially conscious franchise model was born.

Everyone has items around their home that they no longer use or need. With saving money being forefront on everyone’s mind and local charities and organizations looking to raise funds in a new age of shrinking budgets, Consignment King is one of the few businesses left today that is centered around the win-win element.

Consignment King fundraising events are held in facilities across the country which span from convention and civic centers to local school gyms and churches. A Consignment King event lasts for seven days and happen at least six times a year. Most events are operated by a local Consignment King owner.

With years of franchising experience driving the Consignment King concept, franchisees are helping their communities and those that live in them by raising funds for worthy causes by bringing buyers and sellers of virtually anything together in a FUN atmosphere while creating an evergreen business for themselves.

Consignment King - Consignment with a conscience!