Barcodes and Merchandise Preparation

The 411 on bar-coding and printing tags for your gear.

  1. Be sure tags are securely attached to the gear to ensure the barcode can be scanned and the information read.  If the barcode cannot be read (scanned) or the tag comes off, the gear may be lost.  For example, folded or wrinkled tags typically will not properly scan.
  2. For small items, use a Ziploc® bag with item(s) and tag placed inside the bag.
  3. In order to properly scan, the barcodes need to be clearly printed with dark ink.  If the barcode looks light, check the ink level.
  4. Print tags on card stock paper that has no other printing on it (including the back).
  5. Do not use colored paper, as it may not properly scan.
  6. Hand written tags are not acceptable. You may register on our home page to print tags, or bring items to our VIP section to be tagged, if you prefer.  (Use of the VIP Service is an additional 10% fee.)
  7. Include a detailed description for each item on the actual tag.
  8. When participating in multiple JockSale events, item tags do not need to be re-printed.
  9. Each item must have a unique barcode affixed to the item.  When small items are packaged together and treated as one item, one barcode will suffice.  For example, six golf balls in a Ziploc® bag with one barcode tag.
  10. Clothing items should be hung using safety-pins on sturdy hangers.  Items should be hung facing right with the bar-coded tag placed on the upper left side of the item.