Questions and Answers

Consignors (Sellers)

Q.           Who can consign their gear and become a seller?

A.            Anyone can consign their gear with Consignment King, minimum age is 18.  We request you have a minimum of $50 worth of items.

Q.           What type of gear can be sold-purchased at a Consignment King event?

A.            There is a large variety of gear.  Everything from video games, music instruments, ball bats, camping, fishing, golf.  Click here for a list of categories.  You can be a sports jock or a music jock we want to buy and sell the gear.

Q.           Do consignors get to shop before the public?

A.            Yes, consignors get to shop the pre-sale just before we open to the general public.  You must bring your pass that you will pick-up when you drop off your items.  This holds true for the half off day pre-sale as well on the last day of the sale.

Q.           Who is allowed to shop at the Pre-Sale?

A.            Volunteers first and then Consignors. Generally, Volunteers from 8-9am, Consignors 9-10am and then open to the general public at 10am.

Q.           As a Consignor  what percentage of Sales do I receive?

A.            Normal split is the Seller gets 60% of their sale less a $10 consignor fee.  Volunteers get  75% of their sales for working 4 hours. If using the VIP service (where we tag your goods) the seller gets 50% of the sales less the $10 consignor fee.   

Q.           What is a consignor fee? 

A.            Is a onetime per event charge. For example, you fall under the normal 60-40 split and your overall sales were $300 you will receive a check in the mail 2 weeks after the sale for $170. 60% would be $180 minus the $10 consignor fee= $170. 

Q.           Who does the pricing?

A.            You set your own pricing and you get to decide if it is discounted on our half-price day. Click here to view our pricing guidelines. 

Q.           How do I signup to become a consignor?

A.            You can sign up anytime and get your consignor number.  However, to load items and print tags must be done during the “OPEN” online time which starts about 2 months before the event.

Q.           How long and when does drop off start?

A.            Drop off is normally Monday-Wednesday but can vary slightly by location. If all the tagging is done correctly, the process only takes 15-20 minutes.  Register, turn in waiver forms, items are inspected and then you place them in a designated area on the sales floor. 

Q.           When do I pick up my unsold items?

A.            If not donating to charity, the items can be picked up at the end of sale. We normally dedicate 4 hours to the process on Sunday afternoons. If not picked up they will be donated. You can view your items daily to see if sold or not. 

Q.           What if I can’t make the pick up time for my unsold items?

A.            You can specify a list of people that can pick up your items.

Q.           How long does it take to receive my check?

A.            Your check will be mailed to you within two weeks following the end of the sale.

Q.           Will I know what gear sold?

A.            You will be able to log-in and check your inventory nightly or each morning.  We upload once a day after we close for the day. So by 10pm your items should be updated.  Please make sure  all bar-tags are secured to your gear. 

Q.           How many people can get in on one pre-pass?

A.            Two, you and friend. No more. 

Q.           If I consign my gear, do I have to stay during the sale?

A.            No, Consignors drop off their gear and pick up during designated times.

Q.           If I miss a drop off time can I drop off late?

A.            Yes, we will have a special area for late drop-off gear, but it does lower your chance of selling the gear since the window is shortened.

Q.           If I don’t have a computer or am unable to make tags, can I still put items in the sale?

A.            Yes,  we have a VIP section at the event to do this for you.  We do charge a little more for this service. A 50-50 split instead of the 60-40 split. 

Q.           Do I have to mark my items down on half price day, the last day of the event?

A.            No, this is totally up to the consignor. 

Volunteer Workers

Q.           Can anyone sign up as a volunteer/worker?

A.            Yes, anyone may sign up to volunteer on a first come/first serve basis. Weekends fill up fast.  The normal shift is 4 hours.  Please visit the city home page to sign up.  Get a list here.

Q.           Will I need special training?

A.            Don’t worry, we will handle all the training.  If you have a medical condition, please let someone know.  We do have some jobs that can be done while sitting.

Q.           Can I bring a child during my shift?

A.            No, all volunteers must be 18 years of age and older.

Q.           I’m a volunteer and missed my assigned shift, what do I do?

A.            We will just move you to the 60-40 split. 


Q.           How often do these events take place in my city?

A.            Normally 6 times a year.

Q.           Are the sales located indoors?

A.            Yes, almost always in heated or air conditioned facilities.

Q.           How long do the events actually last?

A.            Generally, the set-up and drop off are the first days of the event.  The sale normally runs 3 or 4 days with the last day being half off day for the remaining items it the seller decides to mark any unsold items down.  The last day is almost always a Sunday.