Why Consignment King

Why Consignment King over other avenues to Sell your Items.

A couple of reasons why to sell and shop with Consignment King.

Consignment King vs. Consignment/Pawn Shops

  • More Money, Most Consignment/Pawn Shops only offer a seller 40-50%.  At Consignment King you can earn up to 70%.
  • Our events are well organized, well marketed in the area to bring in large crowds, fun and safe.
  • You can track your gear to see if it has sold
  • Our events only last a few days, whereas a consignment or pawn shop may keep your items for months.
  • At Consignment King you price the items, most of the resale shops set your price at their discretion.
  • Consignment King has a targeted audience coming to our events. 
  • We have a HUGE selection of items at these events as compared to other types of events.

Consignment King vs. Garage/Yard-Sale

  • Consignment King events are EASY.  Just drop your items off and check on them daily.  Have you done a yard-sale lately? The time setting up, marketing, getting up early, making signs, getting cash etc…it is so tiring!
  • Safe for seller.  You never know who will show up at your home with a yard-sale.
  • Our events are well organized and all gear is in the same area.  For example: Toys are with Toys, Golf clubs are with Golf clubs, Drills are with Drills, etc,.
  • At Consignment King only look at categories of items you want, no need to dig through mountains of stuff you are not interested in.
  • We have a HUGE selection of items at these events as compared to other types of yard sales/resale shops.
  • Our events are inside, bad weather will not affect the sales.

Consignment King vs. On-Line Avenues

  • No shipping cost involved
  • No meeting strangers to exchange cash for items
  • No answering questions, no negotiating
  • Buyers are able to see, touch and shop large selection of like items.  

Consignment King vs. Virtually Everyone Else

  • A portion of all profits go to worthy causes worldwide while also raising funds locally for worthy causes.
  • We are not just a consignment sale franchise. We are a fundraising franchise that focuses on helping worthy local causes by having consignment events to raise funds within their communities without having their members or children go door to door selling candy bars, cookies and calendars.